UK Deca Ironman: 4 days to go...

Use it...or, you lose it..!

As a coach, I'm all too aware of an athlete's conditioning and I spent a lot of careful time training for this event.

I've been tapering for about a month now. I built my training up to a final block of eight back-to-back days that included minimum half ironman distances in each discipline.

My concern has been how long to taper without losing the accumulated fitness. In coaching terms - Reversibility.

I decided to take about a month, with shorter more power focused sessions to keep me sharp. I did the TriGrandPrix two weeks out to have one last big full throttle effort. Since then I've been doing more open water swimming, 10-13km runs and joining the Paragon club for low intensity aerobic rides e.g. today's 80km.

80km club ride to turn the legs over
80km club ride to turn the legs over



CLIF Bar come through...

Wahoo...check out the awesome products CLIF Bar sent me.

I've been training with these products so that I know it won't upset my stomach during the event. They get a big thumbs up. Cheers guys...

I'll use the bars, drink and shots on the bike as well as normal food.

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