Open Water Swim Training

Now that the weather and more importantly the water, is getting warmer a few of us are going to Hampstead Ponds for some open water swim training after work.

Open Water Swim Training - Sighting
Open Water Swim Training - Sighting

Last week the temperature was 17C, we lasted about 25 minutes but if you wear two swim caps, neoprene socks/boots and go regularly you can build this up.

It's a great venue...

Hampstead Pond - Mixed
Hampstead Pond - Mixed

Don't expect to find towels, razors and deodorant in the changing rooms...

Changing Area - It's not your local gym..!
Changing Area - It's not your local gym..!


  • 17 degrees? That's warm. Wasn't it seven or something stupid when we first went prior to IM Austria? It was April.

    Posted Tuesday, 24th May 2011 by Phil N

  • Apparently the pool was 86 at DW yesterday, personally I thought it was still a little nippy....

    Posted Wednesday, 25th May 2011 by Heidi Din

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