UK Deca Ironman: 5 days to go...

Taking it easy today, visiting family that can't make it down to the New Forest for the event.

Picked up a gas bottle, camping stove and fold out chairs to take down with us.

The event does provide meals but travelling to events in the past has taught me to have your own contingency plan. Managing your own food and eating at times you're used to helps to reduce the stress the body goes through.

For this event, I'm taking all the things I normally eat but choosing the full fat, full salt versions as I'll need to keep these stores topped up throughout the event e.g. normal crisps as opposed to reduced salt, etc.

Here's an example of the things I was eating these weekend...

Increased fat diet...
Increased fat diet...

During ultra endurance events it becomes vitally important to maintain your fat and salt stores. Through the training I've been doing over the winter, I have been conditioning my body to efficiently burn fat as my primary fuel source. This is why I have become so lean.

I've been tracking my weight in the morning and evening (most days). My intention is to aim to be calorie neutral every day i.e. what I burn during each Ironman, I put back in by the time my head hits the camp bed each night.

During the event, as always, my focus will be to maintain a balanced diet and I intend to take additional supplements (Vitamin C, Zinc, a multi-vitamin with iron and cod liver oil) to keep my immune system in order. I don't normally supplement as I get everything I need from managing my diet but this is no ordinary event and this is intended to be an insurance policy/safety net.

I raced the TriGrandPrix at around 66kg. Because I'm not doing the same amount of training I normally do prior to the start of the deca, my weight has increased to 68.7kg this morning 9this will rise to over 70kg by the end of the day. So, I'll probably go in to the deca at around 70kg. It'll be interesting to see what I come out of it weighing...


  • That's where my double decker went!!!!! Who says it's grim up north!

    Posted Thursday, 2nd June 2011 by Mark

  • Busted..!!!

    Posted Thursday, 2nd June 2011 by toby

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