Deca Day 3

Day 3

People coming down to support has been fantastic...massive thanks.

Finding things very tough now. Right foot (arch) and left calf very painful. I'm also going to lose a toe nail on my left foot. Compede, ibuprofen and zinc tape.

With Rachael's amazing support, I'm managing my hydration well and yesterday involved lots more stopping for real food unlike the first day. This made me feel better but eats in to your sleep - five hours last night.

It's 4.45, bike needs racking in 30mins then wetsuit on and waddle to the water. The swim is the nicest bit by far as no-one is trying to kick anyone's head in.

The bike is quick if you gun it and I can stay aero for 90% of it. Burley village is deadly and you have to be prepared mantally for all the stops caused by tractors, OAPs, BMW drivers and the wild ponies and cows.

The run is brutal, very little flat and if it ain't uphill it's down which means your feet and knees take a pounding on very uneven ground.

The event is fantastic and the crew can't do enough for us. The course is a different matter and there were big concerns about the drop out rate. People are still finishing at 1.30am..!!! It's that tough.

More soon...


  • Toby, the whole thing sounds like an elimination race to see who's still got a working body by day 10!

    We're thinking of you as we do the Dragon Ride today.


    Posted Sunday, 5th June 2011 by George Cory

  • Hi Tobs,

    Just popped by to wish you continued support mate. I'm now hearing how tough this event is proving to be and I suspect you were always aware of that from the offset. Sounds like the focus needs to be mental at this time (you know you can do the distances) and I hope you're managing to keep the negative gremlins behind you.

    Keep it up buddy - Bernie

    Posted Monday, 6th June 2011 by Bernie

  • Toby we are so proud - it sounds punishing. We are thinking about you each day and hoping for a healthy Toby at the end of it - try and keep those toe nails attached!!

    Posted Monday, 6th June 2011 by Right To Play

  • You mad man!!!

    Keep going. We all keep checking in to see how you're surviving. Absolutely phenomenal effort Tobes.

    Posted Monday, 6th June 2011 by Sarah Yewman

  • Hey Toby

    You are doing amazingly well. Are you still racing each day or just trying to end? Have you had to do ice baths brrr....

    I hope the weather is kind to you other the next few days.

    Keep it up, you are amazing....

    Posted Tuesday, 7th June 2011 by Elly

  • Well done Toby, sounds unbelievably tough. Best of luck for tomorrow (half way!). Nathan

    Posted Tuesday, 7th June 2011 by Nathan

  • I watched a documentary last night called 'I think we're alone now' about 2 guys who are obsessed by large haired, musically challenged 80s pop star Tiffany. They were clearly insane. One of them liked running. Of course I'm not trying to draw a comparison between rabid Tiffany fans and your attempt at the Deca - I just thought you might find it inspiring because Tiffany was a ginger as well and, at worst, it will remind you of another song to sing as you go 'round and 'round. Personally I preferred Debby Gibson. Keep going fella - half way there!

    Posted Wednesday, 8th June 2011 by Bob Chocolate

  • And I thought walking my Jack Russell for an hour was hard enough. Well done fella. Keep going, nearly there!

    Posted Friday, 10th June 2011 by Keith Lillywhite

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