Test: Running

Every month during my recovery week I test myself in each sport to set my training zones for power, heart rate and pace for the coming month.

This is an overview of this month's running test.

Without an assistant, the test I often use is Joe Friel's CP30 Test. Once I have my average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the test I drop it in to Training Peaks (the web-based planning application I use with all my athletes), which calculates the zones for me. Then whenever I upload my data from a run the program logs and calculates the time I spent in each of my heart rate zones so that I can manage my training load over time.

It's important to replicate the conditions for each test as closely as possible. Trying to get the same amount of sleep beforehand, eat the same foods prior, test at the same time of day, same weather conditions, wear the same kit, use the same course, etc. Of course some of this is in, and some of this is out, of your control. The closer you can replicate each test the more accurate and comparable the results.

The results (using my Garmin 310XT):

Garmin File: CP30 Test, Running

CP30 Test Data in Garmin Connect
CP30 Test Data in Garmin Connect


  • Toby,

    Thats some nice running!!

    Glad to meet you today, spin was great, was a bit long for me though, finished up doing 70 miles, way too long.
    Hit the wall around 50 miles and the last 20 were torture. Made it back in 5.5 hrs. legs are sore now alright!

    Talk to ya next week if you are around.

    Joe Barry

    Posted Sunday, 5th February 2012 by Joe Barry

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